Export DG cargo

Export DG Cargo

We serves industries such as Pharmaceuticals and Drugs, Chemicals, Life sciences, Hazmat Batteries, Mining and Resources, Manufacturing Automotive and Consumer commodities. We practices exceed the compliance requirements of multiple dangerous goods regulatory regimes at both the national and international levels.

We staffs are Dangerous Goods Certified and We’s shipments are subject to a strict 55 point checking system to ensure safety and total compliance with all legal requirements.

Dangerous goods are also called hazardous materials or HAZMAT for short and include dry ice, explosives, flammable materials or substances, lithium batteries and chemicals. Not all dangerous goods are obvious. Some examples of common items that qualify as dangerous goods that most people fail to recognize are certain comestible oils, nail polish and perfume. These items are flammable and require proper packaging for shipment. We commonly think of dangerous goods being shipped by chemical companies, gas companies and pharmaceutical companies or research labs, but the truth is any type of company may have the need for shipping hazardous materials or dangerous goods at some point, including cosmetics, retailers and food companies.

We have the ability to transport dangerous goods around the world, fully compliant with all IATA regulations. Our staff undergoes the most intensive safety training in the industry and are fully qualified and prepared in the handling and transportation of dangerous goods. This service ensures that any consignment can be shipped in the safest possible way, under the strictest regulations and with utmost care at all times.